Australian Federal and State Governments continue to legalize Online Casinos

In the new wave of introducing changes in the legislature through the Interactive Gambling Act (IGA), the Government decides to regulate online casinos to curb the negative effects of its products

Online Slot Machines as well as Poker and Bingo are legal online casino games in Australia and have been able to attract a huge market as well. However, with the development of the online casino industry, certain members of the Government are getting concerned with whether they should impose a ban on online casino activities or not. Previously, matters such as this one were being dealt with by Commonwealth, but under the current circumstances, Federal and State Governments have stepped forward to introduce regulations. The government introduced the Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) in 2006 in order to restrict the use of online casino gaming and to prevent its misuse and ill-effects.

The last decade has shown a change in the trend of traditional casino games and the current circumstances depict an exponentially increasing popularity of online casino games in Australia that let you make real money. This has impacted the economy very positively by increasing revenue generation and providing the youth a new way of making real money. Considering these amazing benefits of Online Casino Games, the government has decided not to take any considerable action against them and games like online pokies, gambling and poker are legal so far. This is bringing the players all over Australia the opportunity to make real money. However, these online casinos can sometimes pose a serious threat to society if they are left unchecked, considering the gravity of business involved, such as online interactions with strangers and performing transactions. To take care of such issues, the Government is imposing a ban on certain online casino websites and revoking the licenses of some casinos that are involved in fraud, breach of privacy, cybercrime, or harassment.