Tips for Wining Online Poker

Poker is a very famous casino game that can be seen as the highlight of almost every casino we see around ourselves, as well as those in the movies. This game attracts a huge number of players and can also gather a substantial amount of audience to witness poker matches because this game is a very entertaining and exciting one. It consists of hundreds of different types that are played all across the world with different rules and specifications, but the features that remain common everywhere and distinguish poker are the decks of cards accompanied by stacks of poker chips.

Before you get your hands into the delicacies of the game and start placing bets of real money, you should know the different types of games available so you can judge the type of game you want to start with. Straight poker can be regarded as the oldest and the simplest type of poker in which, each player is dealt with a complete hand of cards and all the players are supposed to place their bets in a single round. Draw poker is another variation of the same game except that here, the players are dealt a complete hand of cards that are placed face-down. After the players have placed their bets in the first round, they are allowed to replace some of their cards with new ones. No matter which type of poker you choose to play, you should keep playing for experience so you can make better judgments about your bets, the hands you’re dealt, and the expertise level of your opponents.

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How to Win Online Poker

Once you start playing online poker, you quickly get hooked to it because of its thrill and excitement and the chance to make real money. Here are a few tips you can use to win even more!

  • Don’t play a lot of hands

    Playing a lot of hands from those that you are dealt with surely keeps you entertained and makes poker a lot more fun. However, if you want to play wisely and intend to win more money than you lose, you should not play too many hands. This practice will cause you to lose too many of your chips and therefore, you will lose your cash.

  • Start with low stakes

    If you are new to the world of online poker, it is very wise to keep your stakes low at first. When you are not familiar with the game type, there are more chances of losing than winning. Therefore, if you place low stakes, you can get online poker experience while still maintaining you’re bank balance.

  • Practice Different Playing Techniques

    Poker requires a lot of skill and practice and it is very easy to defeat an opponent if you can predict their moves. Therefore, you should practice multiple moves and bets so neither your opponents nor the computer can predict what you are going to do next.

Safe Australian Online Casinos for Poker


With the recent closure of land-based casinos, bookmakers and gambling establishments, online gambling registrations have skyrocketed as retail gamblers move to the Internet.

 Combined with today's Covid-19 quarantine rules, people are outraged and seek solutions online.

  • How did the pandemic affect the level of gambling and betting?

Although online gambling on horse racing, sports tournaments, and other approved events are permitted throughout Australia, online gambling (including casino products) is not a strictly legalized activity (Interactive Gambling Act 2001)

 Globally, online gambling is on the rise and betting/gambling has made the same progress as regular sports betting and online lottery in Australia. In the US, FOX Bet reported this week that the number of new online casino registrations and poker transactions has doubled.

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On Wednesday night, the 2020 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Online Series Event #29: $2,000 No-Limit Hold'em Deepstack attracted 580 players who rebought 167 times.

On Wednesday night, the 2020 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Online Series Event #29: $2,000 No-Limit Hold'em Deepstack attracted 580 players who rebought 167 times. That resulted in a 747-entry field with a $1,419,300 prize pool up for grabs.

After 11 hours of play, it was Nick "shadowjacker" Guagenti emerging victorious to the tune of $305,433.36 and his first gold bracelet.

Guagenti, who hails from Ohio and will turn 36 on August 15, is a longtime poker pro with results dating back to 2006. In the live realm, he's amassed more than $1.3 million in tournament earnings, including a career-best …

Morrison and Andrews consider more restrictions to contain Victoria's escalating Covid-19 outbreak

As Australia records its highest number of daily coronavirus cases since the onset of pandemic, PM warns there is ‘no golden ticket’ fix

Scott Morrison and Daniel Andrews will discuss whether further restrictions are necessary to contain the escalating outbreak in Victoria, after Australia recorded the highest number of daily Covid-19 infections since the onset of the pandemic.

Ahead of Thursday night’s discussion, Morrison warned aged care facilities – one of the significant sources of the current outbreak – to use personal protective equipment or risk being marked down on their accreditation.

Morrison’s directive was issued after Victoria confirmed 13 deaths and 723 new cases, and Andrews imposed restrictions on more local government areas, ordering face coverings to be worn across the state. …