About Us

We commenced this running of AUSCasino with the sole aim of creating the best casino globally. And as religious gamblers ourselves, we had a solid understanding of what we were going into. Our expertise was combined to create an achievable goal, one that has not been experienced in the casino industry for a very long time—merely delivering to your doorsteps online casino gambling experience that is top-notch.

We put forward a team filled with experts and developers in the online casino field. From online casino management to game development down to gambler's satisfaction and comfort. All these are put in place to provide our gamblers the satisfaction that bears our name and also protect Australian players from fraudulent online casino sites while trying to make real money.

Furthermore, we understand that the casino is not just built on gambling to make real money but also a source of entertainment. For most gamblers, it is a time to relax, unwind, alongside the possibility of changing your life by making real money. We can beat out the chest that we are 100 % grounded in the online casino business. However, we acknowledge immeasurable input by our loyal, beautiful, and incredible fans.

There are incredible changes that take place due to advances in technology. These changes make the online casino very volatile. Nevertheless, at AUSCasino, we do not only embrace these changes, but we also set them. Not only giving out customers the best gambling experience but also modernized way of gambling or gaming possible.

Our Team

Mike Olivier
General Director
Frank Harrow
System Administrator
Simone Robinson
General Counsel
Alex Ramington
Content Manager

To get through thick and thin to be the best and standard for another online casino to emulate. The following core values have helped paved the way.

  • Innovative As experts, we make it our goal to introduce gamblers to the most lucrative and exclusive games that we provide. Creating incredible offers and also giving the best platform for our customers.
  • Unique Our team of experts and developers help combine qualities loved in an incredible line up of top-notch games, giving customers a fantastic gambling experience.
  • Genuine We remain authentic and genuine to every promise we make to our customers. We treat customers fairly, with open hands into our systems, how we work, and also their chances of winning.
  • Responsible As experts, we make it a duty to ensure responsible gaming. This is also part of our strategy.
  • Generous Our ultimate focus is on our customers. Making real money is a big deal to us, and it gives us great joy. So, we offer more back to customers in the form of prizes, bonuses, and many more avenues.
  • High Quality We don't call ourselves experts for the sake of name-calling. We say it, we mean it. We work tirelessly to make the online casino the best it can be. Our technical expertise creates platforms and amazing games that is compactable with any device.

Finally, as experts, we carry out independent reviews that we share with the public. We are pacesetters, and we intend for every online casino to learn from us as we have a plethora of experience and great achievements.